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Elite Range sensor tap ET2-OL20
# ET2-OL20DC (battery only)
# ET2-OL20AC/DC (mains power with battery back-up)

A wall mounted, practical and modern option suitable for bench mounted basins in pubs, restaurants, offices and hotels. It is not recommended for use with stainless steel troughs or basins. There is no set runtime for any of the Enviro-Tech sensor tap range, it is simply; hands in sensor field 'water on', remove hands 'water off'. This offers maximum water savings.


• Hidden sensor window for easy use and streamlined appearance
• Low energy consumption and long life batteries allow for up to 110,000 cycles battery life
• Up to 70% water savings
• Hygienic ‘no touch’ on/off operation, automatically shuts off after one minute if the sensor is obstructed.
• AS/NZS 3718:2005
• 6 Star WELS water rating

Technical parameters

  • Water Temperature 1-55
  • Minimum height from the bottom of basin 250mm
  • DC6V 4 x AA battery operated  or mains power adaptor with battery back-up (batteries supplied)
  • Power consumption static ≤0.5W(DC), ≤3W(AC)                                                          
  • Water inlet G ½ “
  • IP54

Stainless steel fixing plates available see accessories and to view alternative options for installation here



Please Note:

With all infrared sensors, strong light and reflective surfaces can interfere with operation.  The ET2-OL20 is particularly susceptible to interference as the sensor faces down into the bottom of the basin.  It is therefore not recommended for use with stainless steel troughs or basins.

If there is strong lighting above the basin this can react with other reflective surfaces, e.g. the basin and/or sink waste causing intermittent self-activation. It may be necessary to adjust the sensor activation zone, please refer to the 'Technical page' for detailed instructions. In the event of any issues, please contact Enviro-Tech for advice.