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ET2-SH Sensor Operated Shower Control
ET2-SH Sensor Operated Shower ControlET2-SH Automatic Sensor Shower Faceplate

Infrared Sensor Operated Shower Valve

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ET-SH - Automatic Infrared Sensor Shower Valve

Battery Operated Only

The Enviro-Tech sensor operated shower valve is ideal for commercial use. It is particularly suitable for use in rest homes, gyms, hostels and camping grounds.

It is manufactured using high quality stainless steel with advanced waterproofing and sensor technology to ensure reliable operation. Easy to retrofit in an existing bathroom.

The shower will only operate when a body is detected in the sensor zone, when the user moves out of the sensor zone, the water will stop running.

This product should not to be overlooked for use in the residential bathroom, is a good option for users with a disability or special needs. The shower valve cannot be left running accidentally, thereby saving water.

Simply install the solenoid housing into the wall cavity. Only the front face plate remains visible in the shower after installation. Batteries are installed in a separate compartment within the main solenoid housing.

There is easy access to all parts by removing the magnetic stainless steel face plate ensuring trouble free maintenance as and when when needed.

Please Note: This is the shower sensor plate and valve only; the supply of the rose and mixer is not included


  • No touch operation
  • Stainless Steel face plate
  • Auto Shut off after 60 seconds if sensor is obstructed
  • Will only operate whilst a body is 'in field'
  • Up to 200,000 cycles when using good quality batteries
  • Flashing LED to indicate when batteries need changing
  • Easy access to all parts through face plate for easy maintenance

Technical Parameters

  • Water Pressure 100-500 kPa (Recommended 350kPa)
  • Ambient temperature 1-60C
  • Install solenoid housing in wall cavity - minimum space of 90mm needed
  • Power supply is DC only (4x AA Batteries)
  • Water inlet G1/2"
  • Twin Sensors
  • Detection Range 750-800mm
  • Confirmation time of 5 seconds


Specification Summary ET-SH



ET-SH Sensor Shower Valve Installation Manual

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