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ET2-30.1 Tall Bench/Deck Mounted Sensor Tap
ET2-30.1 Tall Bench/Deck Mounted Sensor TapET2-30.1 Tall Pillar senor tap installedET2-30.1 Tall bench mounted sensor tapET2-30.1 Sensor tap

ET2-30.1 Tall Bench/Deck Mounted Sensor Tap

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6 Star WELS - 4.5l per minute#ET2-30.1DC (battery only)
#ET2-30.1AC/DC (mains power with battery back-up)

A tall pillar design sensor tap with a classic 'r' shaped spout. Features forward facing sensor, placed at a height that allows you to take advantage of its tall proportions and install it with a raised bench mounted basin.

Highly suitable for all commercial or residential bathrooms. It is an extremely practical design, yet looks simply stunning when installed with your choice of raised basin.

The height and practicality of this tap has also seen it installed in the domestic laundry room, useful where large containers need to be filled.

There is no set runtime for any of the Enviro-Tech sensor tap range, it is simply; hands in the sensor field for 'water on', remove hands for 'water off', offering maximum water savings.


  • Solid brass construction
  • Polished Chrome finish
  • Tall 'r' shape pillar design
  • Suitable for use behind a bench mounted basin
  • Forward facing sensor
  • Low energy consumption and long life batteries allow for up to 110,000 cycles battery life. Up to 12-18 months with normal use
  • Installing batteries in the control box, even when using mains power, will ensure the tap continues to operate during a power outage.
  • Hands-free infra-red activation
  • No fixed run-time
  • automatic shut off after 1 minute is the sensor is obstructed
  • Up to 70% Water Savings
  • AS/NZS 3718:2005
  • 6 Star WELS water rating

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Technical Parameters

  • Water pressure 100kPa - 500kPa
  • Single water supply
  • Installation of isolating mixing valve (ET-HCV) recommended
  • Water temperature 1-50ºC
  • DC6V 4 x AA batteries supplied or mains power with battery back up
  • Power consumption static ≤ 0.5W (DC), ≤ 3W (AC); standby 0.003W
  • Water inlet G ½ “
  • Respond time 1-2 Seconds
  • Self-adjusting sensor
  • IP54


Specification Summary ET2-30.1 Tall Bench Sensor Tap


ET2-30.1 Sensor Tap Technical Drawing ET2-30.1 Sensor Tap Technical Drawing ET2-30.1 Sensor Tap Technical Drawing ET2-30.1 Sensor Tap Technical Drawing ET2-30.1 Sensor Tap Technical Drawing


ET2-30.1 Installation Manual