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ET4-40 Sensor  Operated Toilet Flush System
ET4-40 Sensor  Operated Toilet Flush SystemThe ET4-40 Domestic InstallationET4-40 Sensor Plate in activated mode

ET4-40 Dual Flush Electronic Sensor Toilet

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The Enviro-Tech 4 Star WELS dual flush, sensor operated toilet flush system with in-wall cistern

Electronic Toilet Hands Free Sensor Operated Flush Plate with In-wall Cistern

The very latest water saving sensor technology for toilets. Suitable for apartment, home, office, or commercial application.

This beautifully presented LED sensor display features swipe sensor for both full and half flush. Simply swipe hand in front of the relevant LED display after use. If the user forgets to flush, the toilet will detect that the user has left and will flush automatically.

The slim in-wall cistern is compatible with most wall faced or wall hung toilet pans for optimal design freedom.

Unique Features

This 4 Star WELS slimline in-wall toilet cistern, with clip-in sensor plate, brings class to non-touch bathroom technology. Featuring clean lines and a stunning glass LED finish, it leads the way with superior, patented technology and construction.

An Australasian exclusive and simply stunning. Complete with a pneumatic manual override function, ensuring that you can still flush your toilet in the event of a power outage. This toilet flush system is suitable for installation in apartments, homes and hotels as well as the usual commercial facilities.

Electronic Toilet In-wall Cistern

  • Electronic Sensor Activated Toilet Flush with an in-wall cistern
  • Stunning LED and Glass display
  • Moulded polymer seamless cistern
  • Front access to cistern through sensor plate for ease of maintenance
  • Hands-Free sensor dual flush
  • 4-star WELS water rating
  • Hand swipe sensor activation
  • Additional automatic activation if flush is forgotten
  • Pneumatic manual override function
  • Automatic 72 hour ½ flush for hygiene
  • Dual Flush
  • Half flush of 3 litres and Full flush of 4.5 Litres
  • Average flush of 3.3 litres
  • AC power transformer included
  • Requires frame when installing with wall hung pan (supplied with toilet pan)
  • Accessible Standards Approved


Specification Summary ET4-40


Installation Manual Cistern Installation Guide Electronic Faceplate

Installation Manual Electronic FaceplateInstallation Guide Electronic Toilet Cistern

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