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Things To Consider Before Buying Sensor Products

Things you need to know about sensor operated technology

Enviro-Tech is committed to supplying our customers with products of the highest quality. However, there are sometimes 'third party' factors that affect how our sensor products work. These factors are outside the scope of our responsibility but we share our experiences with you below, to help you choose the product which is most suitable for your environment. It is recommended that you read all the product information on this website carefully and if you are unsure whether or not a product is suitable, please contact us for advice.

Sensor Taps

The working mechanism of a sensor tap is completely different from that of a standard tap and may behave a little differently. All our sensor taps are highly water efficient, with a 6 Star WELS rating so the flow will be less than you are used to.

Temperature Control

Most of our sensor taps are single water feed only and require a separate mixing valve to premix and deliver warm water for hand-washing. We can supply an isolating mixing valve that is compatible with our solenoid control box (ET2-HCV) if required. This acts as an isolating valve as well as regulating water pressure and temperature. However, we do recommend that you consult a qualified Plumber to discuss your installation prior to making any purchase.

Installation of Sensor Taps

You must make sure that all pipework is flushed properly, particularly in new builds or where lines have been disrupted. Components of sensor taps are particularly susceptible to debris and will require a more thorough flushing than a standard plumbing fixture. Failure to flush the lines properly will result in blocked or leaking valves (check/solenoid) or a tap dripping soon after installation and is NOT covered by the Enviro-Tech warranty.

Different Tap Finishes

The standard finish on most of our taps is polished chrome. Polished chrome is a classic and timeless finish which is durable, easy to clean and maintain and matches well with other fixtures and accessories.

The current trend for alternative finishes has led us to develop other finish options, including a from stock, matt-black and a bright gold finish on our two most popular models. We are also offering other bespoke finishes on a special order basis. These finishes are manufactured in Australia to the highest standards and will surely add interest and impact to your setting.

Before selecting an alternative finish, we would advise that you think about how and by whom your tap will be used and consider the following:

  • Black finishes; dark colours can show water and soap marks and can be more difficult to maintain over time.
  • Brass; can lose its lustre over time.
  • Shiny Copper and Bright Gold; may require a little more maintenance to maintain the high shine finish.

Sensor Toilet Flush Valves

A minimum dynamic water pressure of at least 350Kpa is crucial for effective operation of the ET4-7 models. These sensor-operated flush valves are very water-efficient and only use a small amount of water to flush, which is why the pressure of the water is so important. We strongly recommend that the 4-star flush valves be installed with an approved 4 star WELS toilet suite. If you are retrofitting paired with a toilet of a lesser star rating, we suggest you use our 3-star WELS alternative (ET4-7.3). We would recommend that you consult a qualified Plumber to discuss your installation prior to any purchase.

If you are happy to use an in-wall cistern, then the ET4-40 sensor-operated toilet system would be worth considering. The black glass electronic face plate is no-touch, 'swipe on/swipe off' operation that looks simply stunning. There is easy access to all components through the face plate, it flushes automatically if someone forgets to flush. It also has a manual pneumatic override button that ensures you can always flush in the event of a power outage.

Smart Demand Sensor Urinal Flush Valves

The ET3-M flush valve is our most water-efficient model with Smart Demand flush and a 6-star WELS rating. There are no visible parts, the valve is usually concealed in-wall behind the urinal so it is ideal if vandalism could be an issue. The sensor is simply attached to the rear, underside of the ceramic urinal; and detects the vibration of liquid flowing on the urinal surface.

Other great 5 and 6 Star WELS options are available; a ceiling-mounted sensor urinal flush valve (ET3-R) which is suitable for multiple or slab urinals or a simple infra-red sensor urinal (ET3-12) for use with individual urinals.

Limitations of Infra-Red Technology

With all infra-red sensors, strong light and reflective surfaces can interfere with operation. This is not a product fault. Some sensor tap models, especially those with downward-facing sensors, are more susceptible to interference than others and are not recommended for use with stainless steel sinks or for use in particularly bright environments. It is recommended that you read the product literature and specifications in detail before making your purchase.

High Visibility Clothing

In our experience, high-vis clothing can cause sensors in some tap and urinal flush valves to activate. Prolonged exposure of the sensors to high-vis clothing can cause the sensor to malfunction and may cause permanent damage.

Your Choice of Accessories

Accessories such as sinks, basins, mirrors, and tiles are made from many different materials and finishes, some of which may trigger an infra-red sensor to act abnormally. Please make sure that any such accessory choice is compatible with infra-red technology.