Australias largest range of sensor operated taps and urinal flush valves


Enviro-Tech specialises in providing environmentally friendly technologies for ‘green’ school bathrooms. We have a range of specially designed products that can provide water efficient, cost effective solutions for all types of educational establishments.


Water saving up to 70%  Vandal proof  6 Star WELS rating  Affordable


Saving water has become a necessity. How better to help with water conservation in the future, than by teaching the children of today the importance of doing so.

Currently included in the curriculum are an increasing number of topics around environmental sustainability, it is a natural progression to expand this to include REAL things that the children can do to help conserve our resources.  Environmentally friendly technologies are an integral part of this teaching which includes technologies that the children can see, touch and use themselves.

Enviro-Tech products help reduce water use by up to 70%. Not only is this is good for the environment but it also helps cut costs in the supply and treatment of water and the management of waste water. This translates to real savings to the environment and equates to real cost savings for the school.

Water Saving Products

Sensor Taps

Sensor taps are ideal in the school environment as they not only shut off automatically, thus saving water and associated power costs but will increase hygiene with a no touch operation. The Enviro-Tech sensor taps are simply on/off i.e. when hands are in the activation zone, water will flow and as soon as you remove them they will stop. In addition, they have an automatic cut off after 60 seconds so it is impossible to leave the taps running, thereby eliminating any possibility of flooded bathrooms.

The cost is sometimes seen as the prohibitive factor in putting sensor taps in schools; Enviro-Tech offers a wide range of styles at affordable prices, we can offer quotes on quantity and a real option for the latest in green water saving technology at an affordable price. 

What we recommend

Two models that have consistently proven themselves in the harsh education sector are the ET2-10DC and ET2-32 both durable, cost effective and great for improving the hygiene in your school environment. 

Things to Consider

Enviro-Tech sensor taps can be battery only (4 x AA’s) or mains power with a battery backup. Using good quality long life batteries, they will last up to 110,000 cycles. We find that in a school environment this is approx. 12months but up to 3 years depending on use.

We do recommend that if vandalism could be an issue, control boxes are concealed behind vanities or in wall cavities.  Enviro-Tech can supply well priced stainless steel access panels if required.

Infrared sensors are susceptible to reflective light and can be set off by sunlight, High Viz or more rarely, stainless steel environments. This can usually be mitigated by correct product selections, please contact us for advice on your best options under these circumstances


Enviro-Tech offers the most water efficient urinal option on the market with only 0.33l per flush, we also provide cost effective solutions to achieve a 6 star WELS water efficiency rating.

Budgets for school projects are always tight, Enviro-Tech can provide a 6 star WELS rated flush valve only, allowing you to update water efficiency on existing urinals or choose a cheaper ceramic to make them more affordable.

We have three options all equally suitable:


·         ET3-12FP – Infrared with stainless steel access panel 

·         ET3-M – Urine sensing 'Smart Demand' 6 STAR WELS 

·         ET3-R – Ceiling mounted can flush individual or two urinals with one valve. 



The ET4-7 is an exceptionally cost effective unit. The hygienic no touch sensor toilet flush valve is plumbed directly in to the mains, eliminating the cost involved in purchasing and installing cisterns.

Eliminate the need for in wall cistern, bracket and buttons, add the cost of those three items and replace with the Enviro-Tech all in one sensor and sensor/manual flush valves for a minimalist finish and effective water conservation.

Our dual flush infrared flush valve is 4 star WELS rated and features a high-tech sensor that detects how long a user is in the activation zone to determine whether to flush ½ or full. Also features manual over ride buttons and is ideal for accessible bathrooms.

Things to consider

This unit is plumbed directly to mains pressure through 25mm pipe. This product will only be suitable if the building hydraulics are right, you MUST have a minimum dynamic water pressure of 350kpa. Please consult hydraulics consultant prior to specification.