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Enviro-Tech Product Warranty

Enviro-Tech Limited Warranty

Applicable to Enviro-Tech Sensor Products for Commercial Use

Environmental Technologies Australasia Pty Ltd (ACN 149736667) warrants that all tap bodies and standard chrome finish be guaranteed for 5 years from the date of purchase. Our standard black finished taps are guaranteed for 2 years with a 1-year guarantee on all special finishes from the date of purchase. There is a 12-month repair or replacement warranty on all other products and parts.

Enviro-Tech promises to stand by its product and maintains that materials and manufacture are free from defects. This Warranty is a guarantee that Enviro-Tech will make any necessary repairs to products that are due to defective materials used or improper manufacturing for the duration of the warranty period.

This warranty is a PARTS ONLY warranty and Enviro-Tech is not liable for any associated costs incurred in the replacement or repair of any item.

Warranty is not valid if:

  • Product is not installed, used and maintained in accordance with Enviro-Tech'instructions and subjected to normal use*
  • Defect is due to use of an unsuitable or inadequate water* or power supply
  • Defect is due to vandalism, accident, misuse, neglect, damage caused by foreign objects or substances, including but not limited to, scratching or chipping of finish or unauthorised repair
  • Product is not returned, all parts accounted for to us. Enviro-Tech accepts no responsibility for items lost in post

Enviro-Tech guarantees to repair, or if repair is not possible, replace any defective product or part within the warranty period of the dispatch date. Replacement parts and/or products may include new or refurbished parts or products and are warranted only until the expiration of the original warranty period. The warranty does not include batteries.

This Warranty does not extend to any consequential loss or damage.

The warranty period is taken from the date the product was originally dispatched and this date still applies to any replaced or repaired product.

You can lodge details of a faulty product with Enviro-Tech by calling; 1 300 530 883 or by email to info@enviro-tech.com.au. We will require proof of purchase and may request a photo of your installation.

If replacement parts are sent out, the malfunctioning item must be returned* to Enviro-Tech within 14 days. Failure to return ALL parts (unless previously discussed with an Enviro-Tech Representative) of the faulty product within this time will result in an invoice being generated for parts sent.

This warranty applies only to the original purchasers of the Warranted Products; it does not extend to any person that acquires a Warranted Product on a used basis. Warranty is valid for all Enviro-Tech branded Sensor Products.

It is the purchasers responsibility to ascertain product suitability for their own needs; Enviro-Tech will offer advice but is not liable if incorrect products* are used.


*Normal Use

Can be defined as the product being used in the manner intended for hand washing/flushing in a normal way. Electronic components can be susceptible to water ingress if they are subject to consistent flooding.

*Inadequate water

Usually but not limited to poor water quality, or filters not being installed or regularly cleaned. If dirt particles get trapped in the solenoid, the valve may 'stick' resulting in the solenoid not opening or being stuck in open or partly open position. Over time impurities in the water can damage the solenoid and they may need replacing.

*Incorrect product selection

We have many designs, some more 'robust' than others, please consider the possibility of users interfering with your product when selecting your purchase. We are happy to make recommendations based on our experience but will accept no responsibility for your users actions.


We understand that it may be inconvenient to be without your particular product and in the unlikely event there is a fault, we will work hard to minimise any disruptions. Please contact us to find a suitable solution, most often product is NOT faulty and troubleshooting can be done over the phone.


We recommend that an isolating valve be installed for each tap for any future maintenance.